October News:

October Diary Dates

Toddler Group meets on Tuesdays at 9.45am except 30th October Chatterbox Coffee Morning, including Chatterknitters, every Thursday at 10.30am.


8.00pm Marlborough Readers meet at 1 Heathside, Sandridge Road, to discuss “The Music Shop” by Rachel Joyce.


7.45pm GDPR Training at HRMC.


10.30am St Stephen’s Fellowship meets for coffee at Chatterbox Coffee Morning.

12.30pm Thinking Lunch “One World: Transforming Communities” Revd Ermal Kirby.

7.45pm Consultation on Worship in the Vestibule. 5th 10.00am Church Stewards meet at 25 Carlisle Avenue.


7.30pm Muslim/Christian/Jewish Dialogue Dinner at Saute Grill Meze.


10.30am Tuesday Fellowship meets for coffee at 65 Marshalswick Lane.

8.00pm Worship Academy at Hatfield Road Methodist Church – Rev David Mullins.


3.00pm Holy Communion at Beaumonds.

7.15pm Church Supper Night at St Peter’s.

12th 10.30am Holy Communion at Davis Court.

14th 7.00pm Youth Fellowship at HRMC. 15th 12 noon Funeral of Denis Aston at West Herts Crematorium. 16th 8.00pm Joint Stewards Meeting at HRMC.

18th 2.30pm St Stephen’s Fellowship meets at 8 Antonine Gate to hear Life Stories.

2.30pm IBRA Fellowship Group meets at 5 Suffolk Close.

7.30pm Pastoral & Family Committee meets in the Vestibule.

20th 7.30pm Christian Aid Quiz at MRMC.

22nd 2.30pm Marlborough Men meet at 10 Milton House, 4 Wordsworth Close. 24th 7.45pm Church Council meets in the Vestibule.

25th 7.00pm Prayer and Praise Group meets in the Choir Vestry – all welcome.